The Answer To A Parents’ Prayer

The Answer To A Parents’ Prayer

Sometimes an answer to prayer looks very different from what we expected. The Nowak family share how God answered their prayers for Elie in a surprising way...

In 2018, we as a family of three decided that it was the time for us to look for a new church.

The main reason behind the decision was the desire for Eliana (who was 2 years-old at the time) to start looking forward to Sundays. We imagined a church full of kids with great Sunday school activities.

We noticed that she did not like Sundays at that time and were quite sad because both of us had a very pleasant experience as children growing up in church. Just as we prayed to belong to a local group of believers, we also prayed that our daughter would feel the same bond to a group of kids who are being raised by gospel-believing families. We hoped that Eliana would enjoy going to church to meet those kids. We visited a few churches but the process took longer than expected. Finally, we came to The Globe Church and at our first Sunday school/creche session and met two little girls, Rosie and Lydia. We were told right away that they were soon to leave for a mission to Asia. They were the only other kids in the church, but for some reason we still stayed. It has been 3 years since we started calling Globe Church, our home church.

Now Eliana is the only child at Globe Mini(s) She does craft and learns from the Sunday school messages. Whoever sits close to the church door at St. Mark’s can overhear Eliana chatting and giggling during her Globe Minis session; sometimes a lot louder than Jonty's preaching. Every Sunday she gets the full attention of two dedicated persons who willingly give up the inspiring sermon, and have to pretend to be excited about Eliana's fascination with rainbows, unicorns, and well, poops. When Globe Church decided to meet up physically after months of online service we knew there was nobody more excited than our daughter. To the extent that one Sunday when we both felt a bit under the weather and decided to join the service online, our daughter started crying with overwhelming disappointment.

We believe this is the true answer to our prayers years ago, even though it is so different than what we imagined. We thought she needed some children around her age but God instead provided an amazing Globe Minis team as well as many other church members who showed interest in her. It is so precious to us. The people who interact with this little girl may not know that they are actually the answer to what we prayed for years ago and the proof that God listens to our prayers.

We acknowledge that our daughter is not going to be saved by going to church but only by trusting Jesus as her Saviour. With this in mind, where else would we as parents want our child to be than to be amongst other believers who put their trust in the Son of God?

The answer to our prayer was not the way we expected; it was better. So, we, the Nowak family, want to thank you, Globe people. And we praise our Lord, Christ, who binds us together.