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The Globe Church


Sundays at The Globe Church

Join The Globe Church this Sunday, 4pm at Ark Globe Academy.

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I heard the gospel for the first time on a school Christian Union trip when I was twelve. I had been told the gospel countless times in my life before then, but that was the first time I heard it — heard and understood who this Jesus I’d been hearing stories about actually is, and what that means for my life. Jesus died to save me from my sin, something I can’t do for myself, and he did it out of his great love. He is so deserving of my praise.

I studied Technical Theatre at RADA, graduating last year and working as a scenic carpenter until considering ministry. This university experience was slightly different to that of some of my friends (my school didn’t have a Students’ Union, let alone a Christian Union!), but this meant that church was all the more valuable to me, and I feel so blessed by God for the great friendships he provided for me in that time and has continued to grow to this day.

I have been at Globe since moving into Central London to study in 2018, and now have the privilege of taking on a Ministry Trainee role here. I am so excited to be serving God in this way, and to see what plans he has for me over this year!