Nick Butcher

God delights to show mercy. He loves to save. And in his mercy and love he has saved me.

Growing up in a Christian family, I can't remember a time when I didn't know this mercy and love. Whilst far from perfect, by God's grace I walked closely with him all throughout my time growing up. But the idea of serving God through full time ministry was something I was completely against as a teenager, often vocally whenever someone would suggest it. After leaving school though, God began to change my mind and challenge what I thought might happen in my future.

The summer before moving to university in Birmingham to study Drama and Theatre arts, I began to rethink how God might want me to use the gifts he'd given me, and I begun to explore this whilst I was studying. This was greatly aided by the teaching and community I experienced at Church there. After finishing my degree (and meeting my fiancée Lucy) I moved to Royal Holloway University for a training year supporting university Christian Unions alongside a charity called UCCF (the universities and colleges Christian fellowship).

As of September it's now my privilege to serve God at The Globe Church. London, Church, and everything is new, but I'm excited to be with the Church as we grow in our knowledge of God's love together.

I like F1, playing music, and stories in all their forms.