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The Globe Church


Sundays at The Globe Church

Join The Globe Church this Sunday, 4pm at Ark Globe Academy.

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I grew with my parents teaching me Bible stories, and taking me to church every Sunday. There isn't really a day when I 'became' a Christian, instead I had a growing knowledge of the gospel and a need to put my faith in Jesus. When I moved away from home, after a number of months I found myself realising that this was something which I needed to reaffirm for myself; that my trust in Christ wasn't just following my parents' example, but something that I was committed to myself. I find myself coming back to this idea; Jesus calls us to take up our cross daily– each day I need to recommit myself to coming to Christ, and trusting in him.

At the end of 2013 I moved to London and have been working here in various technology jobs both in and out of secular and minstry workplaces. In 2015 I joined the team of people committed to plant The Globe Church, and have been in the church ever since. I met my wife Nat through the church family, and we were married at the height of the pandemic in 2020.

Left to my own devices you will find me drinking tea, reading a fantasy novel, or doing some recreational coding.