James Doc

My parents introduced me to Jesus as I was growing up. They taught me Bible stories and took me to our local church. Each summer, they let me go to a camp run by Scripture Union. I spent the week with young people from across the country exploring the faith my parents and church were teaching, but in a completely different environment. It was an opportunity to explore Christianity on my own, to ask questions, and to understand God’s love not just for the world and for people, but for me. I began to grasp how I had rejected – and continue to reject – God, yet despite this, God sent Jesus to bring me back to his love. The Jesus that my parents were talking about wasn’t just a story. He was true, relevant and vital.

I’ve always had an interest in technology. I studied web-computing at university, worked for the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) as their Digital Services Manager, worked at the V&A as a Web Developer, and now work at The Globe Church as a Digital Ministry Developer. I’m responsible for exploring how the church ministries can make best use of existing digital tools and develop new ones. That starts on this website and on social media, through to exploring how technology can aid Sunday services, Focus groups and beyond.