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World Mission

Date Thursday, 24th September 2020

Preached by Paddy Harris

Whilst sitting in the office after a week’s break, I have been reflecting on the turbulent events over the last few years and how to relate it to this blog on World Mission.

Given the devastating impacts of COVID-19 not only on the United Kingdom, but on the Globe, why should we be thinking about World Mission?

To me the answer is clear. God does not belong to people who live in one country. It is possible for the Gospel to be shared in every language and for everyone to have faith in God. Having gone on a mission trip to Jerusalem in 2010 and Vietnam in 2017, it brought home to me that anyone can believe in God no matter where they are from. This is why it is important for us to think worldwide.

Why should we be passionate about world mission?

Seeing a culture through the eyes of the people who live in a different country and learning how to interact in that culture is crucial in sharing the Gospel. From my experience on going on short-term mission trips I’ve heard how it can just take one person to start a conversation.

The trips in 2010 and 2017 were an incredible experience. Hearing the stories of the people I met with over those 17 days truly showed me that our God is God without borders. This trip along with my visit to Vietnam highlighted why Churches should be commissioning members to go out on mission trip or to become missionaries. Hearing about the impact of one person in a community sharing the Gospel was inspirational. What excites me now writing this, is that person could be you in the future.

The World Mission Team (WMT) has a vision of us longing to see disciples of Christ made and matured worldwide.

So, how is WMT going to achieve this vision?

We meet monthly to discuss strategy and plan how we can achieve The Globe Church’s vision. We are working to develop a culture of world mission at Globe Church that is focused on commissioning members to share the Gospel worldwide.

We would like to share with you how we would like to work with you to develop and grow this culture:

  • We would like support and work with people who are on the start of the journey about thinking about going on a short or long-term mission trip or being a missionary. We are building a library of resources to help people explore the different opportunities available.
  • We would like to support those who are going on mission trips. We would encourage those who are going on trips to contact the team.
  • Supporting those on mission trips and serving overseas by building strong relationships with them and The Globe Church.

Who is on the team?

  • Jana and Kenan Berker
  • Clare Doughty
  • Tiya Thomas-Alexander
  • Asha Kurien
  • Patrick Harris

How can you be involved?

  • Praying about opportunities to serve God and being open to those opportunities.
  • Getting in contact with the team if you are interested in going on a mission trip.
  • Sharing information and discussing ideas with the team about how to grow this culture of world mission.