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The Globe Church

The Globe Church

Sundays at The Globe Church

Join The Globe Church this Sunday, 4pm at Ark Globe Academy.

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About The Globe Church

The Globe Church is all about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to those living, working or visiting the Southbank of London.

We live in an amazing city. London is buzzing with life and culture. There are millions of people are constantly coming and going…

But there is also much that is deeply wrong. It is clear from the Bible that God is concerned for people who do not know him. So he must be concerned for London.

The vision of The Globe Church is to glorify God in the heart of this city by being relational, discipling, missional and generous…

1. Relational

Embracing and overcoming city life to be family

We love being a church in the heart of London. And while we might live in different parts of the city, we're committed to living life as family- caring for each other, building relationships, and helping each other live for Christ.

2. Discipling

Equipping a generation to live all of life for Jesus

There are two things that we talk a lot about at The Globe Church: Christ and the Bible. We're convinced that by going deeper into who Christ is and what he's done as we discover in the Bible we can grow together and be able to live for him.

3. Missional

Confidently living to make Christ known to all people

The good news about Jesus is the only thing that can change people's lives and bring them life with God. So, we're passionate about telling people about Jesus through our everyday lives and together as a church.

4. Generous

Committed to sharing resources to be a blessing to others

We don't exist to build a name for ourselves, but to be part of God's wider church to make Christ known. God's generosity in Christ drives us to want to be generous in prayer, with our people, and any other resources that can serve the wider church.