Through Mary's Eyes

Through Mary's Eyes

The third line of the Apostles Creed reads "[Jesus Christ] was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary." Ryan has written a poem reflecting on this line.

Through Mary's Eyes

'Greetings' he said, as if a friend,
Though to Galilee from God he came,
He told me I was a favoured one;
Are favour and fear the same?

He told me I would bear God's son,
I said 'how can this be'?
'The Spirit of God will give', he replied.
'I am Gods servant - Let it be'

Favoured that Christ would be formed in me
What privilege then is mine.
That God would dwell with man again
Of this I am a sign.

The shame and scandal that I would face
are nothing compared to his whom I bore
For 'Let it be according to your word', he said,
when death, not birth, was in store.
The pain of childbirth I endured,
Though bloody, strange and sore,
Is slight in light of the curse he would bear,
That all might be born once more.


Mary had a little lamb
whose fleece was white as snow
And though he was the holy one
On a cross to die he would go.

Mary had a little lamb
Who all our sins laid bare
But all who to this lamb would go
He gave his fleece to wear

Mary had a little lamb
Who is the King of Kings
he will reign forevermore
And this is why we sing.