Reflections on the Art Exhibition

Reflections on the Art Exhibition

A few weeks ago, our brilliant Creative Team organised an Art Exhibition inspired by the last sermon series. For those who missed it, or for those who couldn't get enough, Rachel has written this blog giving a flavour of the exhibition.

During the past few months, we have been studying God’s words and have followed Abraham’s story to witness how he found faith in God based on his experience. This powerful whisper of God’s promise and character flooded a stream of response, and an art exhibition was put together by The Globe Church and its creative team in a small café in Elephant and Castle.

The theme of the exhibition also tied in with 'Knowledge of the Holy'. We are discussing this book by A.W. Tozer in Globe's theology book club. God is eternal, infinite, immutable, omniscient, wise, omnipotent, transcendence, faithful, good, just, merciful, graceful, love, holy and sovereign - he’s immeasurable and indescribable in human words or scale because he’s infinitely beyond this universe.

Artists and creators within the church submitted their work to express their takeaways from the series and different art forms were used: animations, visual arts, memes, poems, music, soundscapes, interviews and a decorated, atmospheric room for contemplation.

We have been so blessed with the venue and the number of people who contributed or attended. Many passers-by, Christians and non-Christians turned up to this memorable evening where conversation flowed, and thoughts provoked.

‘Why the lamb if the lion?’ - The Art Collection I submitted

I have created an art collection (watercolour, pencil and ink on white paper) that tells the Genesis story in a bigger picture, emphasising the loving, all-encompassing, unchanging nature of God. He is not all those characters put together, but He is His own character. The topic of divinity often incites different opinions. I wanted to convey the uniqueness of God’s love through Abraham’s perspective as well as the possibility of the Trinity being entirely kind and simple and also proactive and protective of His children. He is a God who has fought, is fighting and will fight for us.

The centrepiece (ink on white paper) shows species of national flowers and imaginary flora representing countries on earth and in heaven. They abide within and surround the beautiful harmony of the Trinity. The work depicts the paradise we are created to enjoy.

The accompanying poems (ink on white paper) are unfinished, they are notes that communicate the main message of God’s salvation plan – Jesus being the sacrifice for God’s love for us. Descriptions of wind in the writings are to depict the intervention of the Holy Spirit throughout Bible from the beginning.

Another artwork (film on white paper) placed on the floor was meant to be stepped on by the spectators. It demonstrated the permanence of God standing against time and the changing world: events in life pass by but the promise of God is timeless. Even when nature is contaminated by humans, God can wipe our blemishes away and this is expressed by the materiality of the poster.

Note of encouragements – one of my poems in the exhibition

Believe in these words when I say I love you

For the debt you paid, for the joy you gave

And before I can understand those 3 words, you told me those words are all true

And the moment I felt that truth, You Save