Globe Stories: Millenium Gamma

Globe Stories: Millenium Gamma

Millenium is one of the people who got baptised recently. In this blog, she gives a little preview of her journey.

My story coming to Christ is very similar to a lot of other Christians. I grew up believing in Him and roughly knowing the stories of the Bible, then I fell away from Him due to interest in what the world has to offer and a lack of answers to my questions. Eventually, God’s faithfulness finds me at my lowest and brings me right back to where I was, He now sees me as pure, and He sees Jesus’ righteousness instead of my sin, guilt and shame.

To elaborate, I grew up in Ethiopia, living a very comfortable life and moved to the UK with my family when I was 9 years old, this is where things started to go downhill. My father became very ill and died of lung cancer when I was 12, I was being more exposed to the suffering happening all around the world and my comfortable life in Ethiopia ceased to exist and I found myself in living in an unfamiliar country with many problems arising for myself and my family.

This was when thoughts of ‘how could God do this to me?’ and ‘Ethiopia is such a widely Christian country, why are people there suffering when secular countries are thriving?’ started brewing in my mind and the Christians around me didn’t know how to articulate the answers to a growing teen, so I found my answers in the world. I started believing God is subjective and all the desires in my heart are things I should indulge in. This led me down a path of many regrets and heartbreak until COVID 19 put the world in a global lockdown.

During this time, I finished my second year of Law school, and had around 6 months stuck at home and a heavy thought (which I know now came from the Spirit) urging me to investigate Christianity as if there was something about it that I misunderstood. So, in an effort to disprove Christianity (much like Lee Strobel in his book ‘Case for Christ’), I started reading online about the Bible and bought one for the first time in my life to read through. After reading through Genesis, I couldn’t stop reading and learning more and more. Sooner or later, I gave my life to Jesus and felt an immense sense of peace and joy I didn’t think was ever physically possible. Now, I want the main aim of my life to revolve around learning about Christ, sharing His word to those who were critical of Him (like I used to be) - in a way most effective to the younger generation, to help debunk misconceptions and to simply enjoy this new life God has given me.