Globe Getaway 2021: Unity in diversity

Globe Getaway 2021: Unity in diversity

We had the most amazing day away as a church family a few weeks ago. Rachel reflects...

Aside from my earrings purchases in the Charity crawl, the brief kicks in the football game, and the humble curry, pizza, Chinese, Turkish and salad feast, I was delightfully surprised by how great the weather was and how fast time passed.

I guess my biggest takeaway from Globe Getaway 2021 was the visualisation of how hospitality is a manifestation of worship and service to the Lord. This implies utilising all parts of the church and of each individual body, led by a transformed heart. Among the several examples we studied in the seminar, the Samaritan story particularly struck me: we are called to act boldly before our convenience, which actually went hand in hand with Jonty’s follow up Sunday sermon about the world hating on Christians for no reason.

Around 3 months ago, I landed in London, and throughout this period, I saw The Globe Church challenging itself to encompass the full significance of its name, as well as cultivating a communion of diversity. I did not expect myself to feel at home when Mike and I spoke about the same experience at the Monday evening Diversity Discussion before the Getaway; and that speaking about being foreign actually made everything better. I certainly did not expect to connect with others through our love stories, through our similarities and our differences.

It made me realise how easy it can be, to be hospitable, not to mention the fact that we can do it in the name of Christ. We are all different but we all have a story, a story that is so uniquely beautiful, and fearfully written - if only we can take a glimpse at how all of these stories intertwine.

So here is a little poem I wrote (yet to be named and welcome any suggestions!) as an encouragement to myself, and hopefully also a reminder of Christ’s love in all of our differences.

You see not our bodies but the glowing lights within,

Each colour reflections of the maker,

Who has in Yourself spectrums beyond infinity.

In You, ethnicities are made complete.

Differences rendered nothing because nothing you drew is the same,

Each atom has its role, each electron its past and future.

Streams run through creeks and flowers grow through cracks,

If love has no boundaries, it fulfils its true meaning

Because boundaries are man-made but love is divine

So if birds can fly to the ends of ends,

My love too, can reach to the ends of ends,

To the darkest and the deepest, to the heavens and back.

So, will you let me see beauty that lies within the hurt -

Broken not rotten, burnt not left.

Let me write love stories that bloom in all directions,

Because this is what I am called to -

Seek first your kingdom & Your righteousness

And everything I need, You will provide.

You, are the reason life radiates through holes and fractures,

You, are the red to my white.

You, once told me that to live is Christ,

And to die is gain.

You, told me to love because you first loved,

And with everything, I love.

Chessington Getaway has allowed me to reflect on who we (humans) are and how we as a church can follow Jesus’ footsteps. The world cannot box us in categories anymore because we are all made out of this world, in the image of the Eternal; we are one in God and we are wonderfully made.