Finding peace in a chaotic city

Finding peace in a chaotic city

A year into living in London, Cherith reflects on how church and the university Christian Union has been a comfort and support as she has found her feet in this new city.

Last September I moved to London to study Adult Nursing at King’s College London. London terrified me, completely different to anywhere I lived before with seemingly endless opportunities to be anyone and do anything. In this crazy city, the place of my church and the university Christian Union has proved a constant source of comfort over a crazy and hectic, but amazing, time.

First year of uni was chaotic, combining high points and fantastic memories with some of the most difficult moments of my life to date. Through a variety of placements my course had caused me to confront difficult the realities of the broken world we live in, while simultaneously I was trying to figure out who ‘adult’ me was. The battle of being student, being a trainee nurse, being a people pleaser, and being someone who can never say no proved to be overwhelming at times, but through it all, I can see that God was there in it all - the one constant that never changed.

This is where my relationship with The Globe Church comes in. Church provided me with a weekly reminder of God’s love for me. In every situation, person, experience, attending church had built me up to a point where I could recognize and see how the Lord was working through what otherwise would seem hopeless situations.

But coming to church wasn’t just for when things felt hopeless. Being part of this family allowed me to rejoice in the Lord when things were going well too! I was constantly being pointed back to the Bible, seeing clearly in God’s word what His plan was for this world. I couldn’t ignore how exciting it was to be part of it!

Sunday services helped me understand more clearly God’s relationship with His people and the impact that has on us. Focus groups gave an opportunity for me to talk, discuss and delve deeper into passages of the Bible. I was in a space where questioning was accepted and encouraged, I got to know other people in the church family on a deeper level and grew alongside them. The relationships I formed in church were key over the year, people who came alongside me and encouraged me when I was struggling, and celebrated with me when things were better. Church provided me with opportunities to serve others, to work hard and invest in people, in a way that brought glory to the Lord and worked in pointing others to Him.

As a result of getting stuck in at church I became even more motivated for sharing my faith; having experienced on a deeper level how faith in Jesus Christ’s death on the cross could impact my life, I was more driven to share it on my campus. Not to mention, being part of a church family helped practically, with a larger pool of resources to use, and people praying for the Christian Union, I felt even more equipped when it came to planning and leading events. Church also brought me back to remembering God’s plan for the world. Matthew 28v19 clearly states ‘therefore go and make disciples of all nations. ‘All nations’ includes my nation too, which right now is represented clearly in the people on my campus.

Through The Globe Church, God brought me peace in a hectic lifestyle and in a city that seemed constantly changing and pointed me back to Him to give me a better view of the bigger picture. The Christian Union provides me a clear way to fulfill what the Lord has instructed, and has helped to grow my passion for giving students the opportunity to hear and respond to the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.