Deeper (1): Amos

For women at Globe. Deeper into God through his word. Deeper in our relationships through honest sharing.


In our first meet up we started looking at Amos. Going deep!

We listened to a talk and went through the following questions. We spent time praying and sharing what difference it will make to us.

How to read Amos for yourself

Start with Amos 1:1-2

Pray for insight from God (Proverbs 2:1-7)

Where does it fit in the Bible?

In the talk we looked at how the Bible is like a library, organised in a particular order. Amos is in the 'Prophets' section (Isaiah - Malachi). Amos wrote at a time also written about in the 'History' section (Joshua - Esther). You can find exactly where by looking up Amos 1:1 and then finding those kings. They're in 2 Kings 14:23-29 and 2 Chronicles 26.

Who is the book to?

Amos 1:1

Who is the book from?

Amos 1:1-2

(You can find out more about the human author later in the book, in chapter 7:14-15

What does it teach us about God?

Amos 1:2

How does it point us to Jesus?

Amos is quoted in Acts 7:43, and 15.16-17.

Jesus points out that the wickedness of the present generation has it's roots back in the people long ago. So we see how relevant Amos' preaching is for us. What he condemned the people for long ago, still persists in our hearts - namely making God small, and worshipping other things in his place.

In Acts 15 show that the promises at the end of Amos are for this generation. Notably not just for the Jewish people but for Gentiles too.

Also check out Amos 8:9-10 for an incredible description of God's judgement which we now know fell on Jesus. it's as if Amos had seen the cross before he wrote! Do we mourn for the only son? Mourning over that bitter day when God's judgement for sin was poured out on him?

What difference will it make to you this week?

In Amos 5:23 the Lord says 'away with the noise of your songs!' The people love to sing about God, but they do not really seek him (5:4). Let's pray we are those who don't just pay lip service to God, but really listen and obey what he is saying to us.