We're hosting Christianity Explored…

We're hosting Christianity Explored…

On Wednesday evenings, starting 31st January, we’re going to be running a Christianity Explored course alongside Globe Focus and Central.

Christianity Explored is a set of Bible studies geared at non-christians. The course goes through Mark’s Gospel, showing who Jesus is, and why Christianity matters.

If there are people in your life that you've been having conversations about Christianity with– please invite them! We’ll have a meal together with Wednesday Globe Focus and then split off onto a different room to do the study.

Event: Christianity Explored
Date: Wednesday 31st January for seven weeks
Location: Willcox House, 140-Borough High Street
Time: 7pm for a meal.

This isn’t the only opportunity to invite someone to Christianity Explored; we will be running another course straight after our Have You Ever Wondered month in March - this is happening now because we have a few people who would really love to do one.

Here are two things that you can do right now:

Pray: Give thanks that there are number of people who want to find out more about Jesus. Pray that nothing will keep them from attending, and that during the sessions they will encounter Christ for themselves.

Invite: Is there anyone you can invite? Have you had a conversation with someone recently who suggested that they would like to know more? Invite them along.