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The Globe Church


Sundays at The Globe Church

Join The Globe Church this Sunday, 4pm at Ark Globe Academy.

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Though I grew up in a Christian home going to Sunday school, by my teenage years I was rebellious and it was clear my “faith” was not my own. It was only towards the end of university where I really began questioning the meaning and purpose of life. For me I realised it all came down to who Jesus was to me. After research, time, and prayer I committed my life to Jesus – looking back, I realise he was waiting to call me at the right time.

After university I spent 6 years working in the financial sector but during this time the desire to serve God full-time became a bigger pull. I left banking and went to train at a church in South-West London (where I met my wife to-be) before joining the initial planting team at The Globe Church.

After some time I realised I needed further theological training so Jemima and I married in 2016 before we moved to North London for me to train at Oak Hill College part-time while helping to manage the family business. We are honoured and blessed to have the opportunity to come back to serve The Globe Church. The Lord has blessed us with two daughters Rachel and Sophie who are a real joy!

I love most sports, am a big football fan, supporter of Man United, love reading books, travelling, food but above else I love Jesus for saving a sinner like me.