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The Globe Church

The Globe Church

Sundays at The Globe Church

Join The Globe Church this Sunday, 4pm at Ark Globe Academy.

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I became a Christian after a school friend invited me to a Christian camp. I’d never been taught about Jesus before, but once I heard that he died in the place of sinners and rose again, I felt sure it was true. It was so simple, and yet profoundly changed me. When I returned home from camp, I cleaned the whole house for my parents while they were out! I wanted to be different, to live to please Jesus.

I didn’t really grow in my understanding until university, where I joined a great church. Great because I was taught the Bible. We studied it in great depth, and I realised the gospel is simple and yet incomprehensibly awesome. And great because I met and married Jonty there!

Three children and three churches later, it’s my privilege to serve alongside Jonty at The Globe Church. I love explaining the simple gospel to those who’ve never heard it, and seeing Christians grow in their understanding of how incredibly awesome God is.

I work alongside Jonty in a number of areas across church life. Main areas of ministry are training, mentoring, developing the serving teams, women’s ministry and pastoral care. I'm also a writer, conference speaker and lecture on the women’s ministry course at London Seminary.