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The Globe Church


Sundays at The Globe Church

Join The Globe Church this Sunday, 4pm at Ark Globe Academy.

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I grew up going to church and was there every time the doors were open.  Church was a welcoming and loving place even though I was a quite a handful as a child and teenager! My home life was super challenging, but Jesus was safe - so I accepted Jesus into my heart every chance I got (at least once a week) just to make sure I was going to heaven!

When I was 16 my mum got cancer, and that caused me to take a closer look at what I said I believed. After praying, studying and reading, I was convinced that God was sovereign, trustworthy and had chosen me as his own.

I've had a number of careers over the years - primary school teacher, special needs teacher, school administrator, musical theatre director, missionary, casting director, talent agent, speaker and trainer, and now staff member at Globe. My favourite job is any job where I can share about Jesus. Hands down, nothing gets me more excited than that.

I'm married to Matt, and we have three adult children and a dog called Yoda. We've been at The Globe Church since the beginning and I've loved seeing Globe grow, change and develop over the years. In my free time I love reading, cooking and hosting people for meals, and playing games. My guilty pleasure is singing show tunes whilst taking a long drive. The key to my heart is a latte with biscotti and a good chat.