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The Globe Church


Sundays at The Globe Church

Join The Globe Church this Sunday, 4pm at Ark Globe Academy.

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I love Jesus because he first loved me. When I was far away from him, he gave his life to save me. That is a staggering fact that humbles me and at the same time lifts up my head.

My journey began in Southampton. I grew up in a home that was (not perfect but) full of Jesus. I left home to study Chemistry at Oxford and was confronted with a challenging question: Had I been brainwashed, or did I really believe this? It was a struggle. I found university very hard. But as I looked closely into the Bible, I came to the deep conviction that it is true. My experience of living the Christian life has shown me that struggling and growing seem to go hand in hand.

On leaving university, I married Linda, and together we moved to Enfield in North London. For the next seven years, I was involved in and trained in local church ministry. I was then involved in planting a new church in Enfield where I was the pastor for seven years.

I have now moved into Central London (with Linda and my three boys) to continue the journey of faith here. I am far from perfect, but Jesus is a patient and wonderful king. It is my great honour to serve him at The Globe Church.