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Join The Globe Church this Sunday, 4pm at Ark Globe Academy.

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Where to find The Globe Church this Christmas

Date Thursday, 14th December 2017

Preached by Jonty Allcock

This month we’re going to be moving around a little bit as we host different events in different venues.

Sunday 17th December: Christmas Celebration

It’s not a traditional carol service, but it is a this is a chance for us as a church family to celebrate Jesus together. We’ll be meeting at 4pm in the Hodgkin Building of Guy’s Campus.

Wednesday 20th December: Church Christmas Dinner

7pm at Willcox House – full on roast turkey dinner. Loads of festive fun and games. But it will be a team effort to make the evening happen; if you live fairly near by and wouldn’t mind roasting some potatoes that would be fab. If you could make (or buy) a dessert for about 6-10 people that would be great. Or if you could bring some drinks or after eights that would also be great. There’s a lot of room for greatness. If you can help please get in touch.

Sunday 24th December: Christmas Eve

For the survivors who are still in London, we will meet at the usual time of 4.30pm for our service. We will be in Willcox House. No food afterwards – after all we will need to rush home to get ready for the big day…

Monday 25th December: Christmas Day

10.30am service in Willcox House. This is a small but precious time for those of us celebrating Christmas in London. The King is born!

Sunday 31st December: New Year’s Eve

Our usual Sunday service at 4.30pm still at Willcox House. Again there won’t be food after this.

Wednesday 3rd January: Globe Central

What better way to start 2018 than to gather with our church family to pray? We’ll meet at Willcox House at 7pm for food, and starting to pray at 7.30pm

Sunday 7th January: Co-Mission Sunday

First church service of 2018. It is Co-Mission Sunday where the various pastors swap and preach in each others churches. Matt Fuller from Christ Church Mayfair will be joining us. We will still be at Willcox House for this Sunday before we return to Hodgkin on the 14th.

Wednesday and Thursday 10/11th January: Focus

We’re starting focus this year with social time in our groups; gathering with your group to catch up, pray together and begin to think about the new term. If you’re not in a group and would like to join please get in touch.

I hope that gives you a vague idea what is happening. Lets be praying for each other this Christmas to find great joy in Jesus.