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Life at Oak Hill Bible College

Date Tuesday, 12th November 2019

Preached by Nate White

I have been attending The Globe Church since the start of September and it has been a wonderful joy to get to know people and be part of the church family. Thank you to all those who have made me feel so welcome and if I haven’t had the chance to meet you yet please come and say hello!

As many of you will have heard, I am currently training at Oak Hill Bible College and coming to Globe Church as my placement church. You might wonder what people actually do at Bible college…

Each student has a placement church where they are expected to attend and serve where possible. The course workload is very full so there are limits to my capacity, but I look forward to getting stuck into church life and preaching in the future.

Each student is part of a fellowship group that meets weekly to catch up on college life. We also have chapel service each day before having lunch together. In terms of what we learn, the timetable changes over the year with different modules. We also have coursework and reading to do outside lectures.

These are some of the modules I am taking at the moment:

  • Word of God – introduces us to a theology of Scripture. I have recently completed my first assignment for this on Fundamentalism, which is the idea that the Bible is God-breathed and should have authority in the life of the Christian.
  • Greek – We’ve had the privilege of learning Greek grammar and are learning to read the Greek New Testament. I need to be doing around an hour each day outside of classes to stay on track.
  • Hebrew – Similar to Greek we are learning the vocabulary and basic grammatical constructions of Hebrew so that we can begin to read the Old Testament.
  • Independent ministry – So far in this course we have looked at the biblical view of leadership and the different models found in the churches. We’ve particularly focused on the character of a godly leader and how we can grow in this.
  • Biblical theology – In these fascinating lectures the focus has been to learn more about the diverse unity of the Bible’s story. We are tracing the progressive, unfolding themes in Scripture.
  • Youth and children ministry for everyone – We have been studying what the Bible says about how church and families should teach children the gospel. We’ve also looked at the different models that churches use.
  • Christian worldview and anthropology – The main discussions in this module are about what a worldview is and how that relates to how we live as Christians and teach the Bible. For those of you who attended Globe Getaway, our lecturer is Dr Dan Strange.

God has been so good during the course so far and it has been such a privilege to learn more about him and to get stuck into his word. People come to Oak Hill for a variety of reasons. I am seeking to train to become a pastor, God willing. Others are looking to train as missionaries, youth workers, pastoral workers or wanting to learn more about their Lord and Saviour. If anyone is interested in going to Bible College or just want to know more, please do come and speak to me or get in touch and I’d love to tell you more!

Oak Hill College Events

As you may have heard at Globe Getaway, Oak Hill are running training events called Equip to help people live out their faith. There are subjects such as gender, discipleship and decision making.

They run on some Saturday mornings and some Thursday evenings, starting 14 November (7:30pm). They will take place on the campus in Southgate, north London, each costing £20. If you are interested, please come and speak to me or find out more here