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King’s Cross: a poem

Date Monday, 10th April 2023

Preached by Asha Kurien

Asha has written a poem reflecting on Easter. We hope it helps you reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus that we remembered as a church this past weekend.

An escape

wedged between Income Tax and Angel Islington

On monopoly boards to aid a single entity to dominate


where colored lines five intersect on a tube map

Maroon, pink, yellow, black and blue

What hue

Was your face

As you lay bleeding

A King on a cross?

Dice fall

From fingers hoping

For a number that can help them

Purchase land priced most

Dice fall

On calvary rocks to divide cloth that enrobed light

And as sour wine is lifted to his lips

New wine drips

Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum (INRI)

Inscribed on wood in languages three

This was a game

Not lost in translation

King’s Cross

Where the winning move was made

As he breathed his last

The sun hid, the curtain tore

And a centurion confessed

“Truly this man was the Son of God!”

He lay underground three days

It’s not just under London

That Victor(y)ia and Jubilee meet

But in every heart that runs

Across the board

To surrender all

At the King’s cross