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Holding out hope in South East Asia

Date Monday, 17th September 2018

Preached by James Docherty

The Gospel isn’t something that we want to hoard for ourselves. The Gospel is for everyone. That’s why one of our four values as a church is to be missional; confidently living to make Christ known to all people. We’re convinced that as the message of Jesus Christ was told to us, we’re to go and tell this good news not just here in London, or in the UK, but globally.

One of the ways we do that is to partner with Sarah who has gone from the UK to South East Asia. She has a massive heart to share Jesus with the people in cities, towns and remote villages. While in the UK, Sarah worked as a GP. As she got to know more of the needs of the country she is now in she saw a real need for appropriate care for those who are dying.

There is a prominent belief in the spirit world in South East Asia. The implications of those beliefs is that there is a big cultural fear of death. As Christians, we believe that faith in the resurrecting of power of Jesus transforms those fears. So one of the things that Sarah and team do is to train and equip the local church in palliative (end-of-life) care. As they support patients and families they share the hope in Jesus Christ.

Recently Sarah wrote for the OMF blog sharing more about her work and the future hopes that she has for the work there:

Khun pastors a small house church on the outskirts of a city in Southeast Asia. One day, Khun went to the city’s main hospital and asked for permission to visit cancer patients and offer spiritual support. She rejoiced when the hospital officials agreed as until recently, open evangelism in this area would have resulted in a few days in prison. Khun and her church members used this opportunity to visit patients and share the hope of Jesus. They also got to know their families and provide practical support, as patients are usually sent home to die. As the love of Jesus has been seen and heard through this church’s ministry, many have come to put their hope in the living God.

Sarah, OMF

Let’s be praying for Sarah and the work that she and her team are doing as they hold out the gospel to all people and train up many more workers to do so. Also be praying for one of the families within our church as they are explore the potential to go themselves to do gospel work in South East Asia.