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The Globe Church

The Globe Church

Sundays at The Globe Church

Join The Globe Church this Sunday, 4pm at Ark Globe Academy.

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Globe Focus

We all need church community and we all need God’s Word in our lives. That’s why gathering midweek is so important to us.

Globe Focus is the best place to find your feet at church and go deep into the Bible with others. We look at a rich variety of things together in Focus, from different books of the Bible to how we live out our faith practically in the world. Because relationships matter so much, we meet with the same people in our Bible study groups each week so we can get to know one another, pray together, and look out for one another.

When and where

Bible studies take place on Wednesday and Thursday evenings; you pick the evening that works best for you. We have specific groups on Sunday evenings for students.

Bible studies happen across London in people’s homes, there are gathering in around Borough near where we meet on Sundays, but also further across London in Angel, Kennington, etc.

During the summer months of July and August we gather centrally for ‘Summer Focus’, a time of Bible study and prayer. The dates and locations for these are on the calendar.

If you want to be connected to a group please speak to a member the church staff on Sunday, or get in touch.