Have You Ever Wondered?

Have You Ever Wondered?

When we were kids, there was one thing we used to be good at: WONDER

Join us this Sunday

4.30pm in New Hunt's House (Guy's Campus, Newcomen Street, SE1 1UL)

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The Mark Drama

Saturday 10th March 2018

Experience the story of Jesus, as told by Mark in 90 minutes

On Saturday 10th March watch the narrative of Jesus performed in theatre-in-the-round by 15 people.

The audience is sat all around the stage- the action is happening in front of you, next to you, behind you, and all around you so you very much feel that you're a part of what is going on. You feel like you're in the crowd watching Jesus, you feel like you are a part of the feeding of the five thousand, you feel like you are in the temple courts watching him teaching about why he came.

Story Slam

Saturday 17th March 2018

This is a great event for anyone who loves a good story, either to tell or to listen. It’s happening on Saturday 17th March. The theme of the evening will be “speechless” and people will be invited to give a short story of any kind on that theme, whether a true experience from our lives or something we’ve made up. We’ll be laying on drinks, nibbles, and some live music too.

This is quite a low key evening, especially good for friends who may have never been to a church event before. There won’t be a talk, but perhaps the things that matter to us as Christians will come through in some of our stories. 7.30pm, Wilcox House.

Have You Ever Wondered Café

Monday 19th and 26th March 2018

Over the last two years we’ve had a number of these events and they’ve been a great to explore some of the bigger questions in life. We host it in Café Piazza who provide us with a great buffet meal.

This time around we’re going to be asking Have You Ever Wondered About God? (Monday 19th March) and Have You Ever Wondered About Eternity? (Monday 26th March). There’s a talk, someone will tell their story of being a Christian, and there’s a time for questions.

Wonder by the River

Tuesday and Thursdays during March 2018

This will be happening each Tuesday and Thursday morning on the Southbank.

We’re going to be going out and using creative ways to get chatting to people along the river about what they believe and talking about Jesus. Please join us near The Globe Theatre.

Christianity Explored

Each Wednesday, from 18th April

after Easter we’ll be running Christianity Explored, a fantastic course which takes people step by step through Mark’s gospel and the basics of Christianity.

t will run at the same time as Wednesday Focus or Central over seven weeks. If you’ve got friends asking questions and wanting to explore more, this will be perfect for them. If you want to go with them rather than be in your Focus study that’s fine. Wednesdays, 18th April-30th May, 7pm for meal, 7.45 start.

Have you ever wondered?

Do you remember when something as simple as unwrapping a present or seeing fireworks splashed across the sky would cause your jaw to drop and your mind to wonder at what was in front of you?

Now we’ve grown up, but sometimes we still have those moments when we’re captivated by something bigger, something deeper.

Holding a new born baby in our hands; experiencing the unexplainable in a relationship; even feeling the depths of human pain and fragility- these moments take us beyond the hum drum of life to something else, something significant. But we’re not sure what.

These moments might make us stop and wonder: What is life about? Who am I in this universe? Is there a God? Is there a Heaven? Is there something more to life?

The world will never starve for want of wonders; but only for want of wonder.

- G.K. Chesterton

Our wonder evokes these questions.

What if those big questions had real answers?

Jesus Christ came because on our own we can’t find the answers. Every now and then, in a moment of wonder, we might guess at what life is about, we might give God a passing thought. But we need more than that, we were made for more than that.

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

- Jesus. Recorded in the Bible (John 10 v10)

We are here for something bigger, something deeper: a life with God. He made us, knows us, and loves us. Losing wonder isn’t the worst of our problems. We’ve lost a relationship with God as we’ve tried to go at life on our own. We’ve shut ourselves off from the person our hearts were made to wonder at and live for.

But God hasn’t left it at that. God’s Son, Jesus, came into the world because there is a life beyond what we can imagine that we can have through him. Jesus is the one who can connect us back to God to enjoy life with him forever.

Jesus did this by something you may never have wondered at before- by dying on the cross. Jesus gave his life so that we can have full life knowing God. He died in our place so that we can be forgiven for shutting God out. And by rising from the dead Jesus gives us the gift of eternal life with him.

If that’s true, then that’s something to make our jaws drop and our minds to wonder at what’s in front of us: a relationship with the God who made us, life with him forever, all through what Jesus has done for us.

Will you let your wonder turn into trust? Will you accept a new life with God, the life you were made for?