Turning a Corner

Turning a Corner

Over the last year we've been partnering with Webber Street, a ministry of London City Mission to the homeless in our community. Amanda shares more about a new ministry there…

The Globe Church, over the last few years has developed a growing partnership with London City Mission (LCM). For over 180 years LCM has been working to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to the least-reached in our city.

One of their ministries which Globe has been able to come alongside is Webber Street, which was set up in the early 60s to serve the homeless in and around the Waterloo area.

Webber Street opens its doors five days a week to 50–70 people who are considered either homeless or marginalised. What makes Webber Street so unique is that we are a Christian Homeless Day Centre which allows us to not only help our guests practically but to also share the gospel with them, which we do during our short morning devotions, weekly Bible study or through our one-to-one conversations with them.

Each morning we welcome our guests into the Centre and serve them a hot drink which they value after a long, cold night out on the streets. After our morning devotion we serve our guests a cooked breakfast and start to facilitate them having a shower and getting a set of warm, clean clothes.

On a weekly basis, we have a nurse and podiatrist (foot specialist) that come to our Centre to attend to our guests’ basic medical needs, etc. There is also a team that specialises in mental health that come in regularly to see how they might support our guests to access and accept the help that they may be to eligible to receive.

One of the core parts of LCM’s strategy is to partner with local churches. We've seen first-hand how beneficial our partnership with The Globe Church has been; particularly for our guests who come to the monthly evening meal that Globe hosts at our Centre.

As a result of this partnership, it is easier for the staff to encourage the guests to attend church as we know that our guests who come the monthly meal have made some genuine connections with the Globe volunteers and that they will be welcomed and accepted by the church.

We have very exciting year ahead of us as we plan to launch a new short-term supported accommodation project; The Corner House. We realise that it is one thing to provide our guests with their most basic needs such as food and clothing and a place where someone experiencing homelessness can access a hot shower, but it is another thing entirely to provide someone with an opportunity to stay somewhere for a season to help them to “turn a corner” by giving them the time, space and support that they need to move away from a life on the street and to get back onto their feet.

One of the obstacles our guests face when looking for a job is that they need a bank account which they are unable to apply for unless they can provide a fixed address of where they are living. By staying at the Corner House on a short-term basis our residents would be able to apply for a bank account, seek employment and hopefully find a more permanent/long term housing solution.

We would be grateful if you could continue praying for The Corner House and Webber Street:

  • Recently we submitted planning permission to the council. Please pray for the planning permission to be approved.
  • We have just started the process of recruiting volunteers from local churches to get involved with this new project. Please pray that many are led to sign up and commit to volunteering on a regular basis and that we will be able to start the recruitment process for full time, paid staff soon.
  • Pray for the guests who will move into The Corner House. Transition into sheltered accommodation from sleeping rough can be hard. We hope that during their stay we could help the residents to find suitable housing and sustainable employment.
  • As the work at Webber Street continues, please pray for all those who come through the door each day, some struggling with various alcohol and drug addictions. Please pray that they would encounter Jesus, come to a saving knowledge of him and be set free from their various addictions.