Three tips for settling in a church in London

Three tips for settling in a church in London

When you move to a new town or city finding a church is an important thing to think about. Jonty, pastor at The Globe Church, gives three tips for getting settled quickly.

As you arrive in London perhaps to start a university course, or begin a new job you've got a lot of decisions ahead you. One of those big decision is which church will you attend. Here are three things that you should think about as you think and pray through the choices:

Be someone who makes your mind up quickly.

It is so easy to get swept along with the “church-shopping” crowd. You visit a different church every week. Then go and visit them again. You narrow it down to a few and at some point (maybe a few weeks before Christmas) you will settle on a decision.

I want to encourage you to dump that plan and approach things differently.

Why not arrive with the decision already made? Do the research, ask people you know, make contact. Then on your first Sunday get along to church and (unless there is something obviously wrong) stick with it. The fear that “there might be something better” is a worldly fear. Choose a place that loves Jesus, preaches the Bible and wants to train you for mission. That is the right church for you.

Be someone who wants to serve rather than consume.

Jesus said, “Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out… workers” (Matthew 9:38). There is a world of difference between consumers and workers. A consumer is someone who says: “Does this meet my needs?” A worker is someone who says: “What needs to be done?” A consumer is someone who takes. A worker is someone who gives.

I recognise that many people will arrive in London this autumn as consumers. That’s okay. My job is to preach Christ so they see His glory and become workers. But what a joy when people arrive with a worker mind-set.

Be someone who is unashamed of following Jesus.

In your first few weeks in that new job or as a student you get the chance to decide how you will define yourself as you meet new people. Make the decision early on to define yourself as a follower of Jesus. This really matters to me as a pastor. I am clear that the mission of our church is to make disciples of Jesus.

I am also clear that my job is not to do all the disciple making, but to train and equip others to be disciple makers. The best way to reach students with the good news of Jesus is to start with students who are already excited about Him.

This is what we are praying for you as you arriving in London. This is what churches in all our student cities need. Decisive, committed, unashamed followers of Jesus. Will that be you?

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