Serving at The Globe Church

Serving at The Globe Church

As a church family, serving is a big part of how we love each other. In this blog, Sarah introduces students and newcomers (and everyone else) to serving at Globe.

"Have you been coming for long?"

“Not long, a few months, I’m Anna.”

“You look like a student? What uni are you at?”

“Is it that obvious? I’m at Kings.”

“Great, what year, what are you studying?”

“First year, Nursing.”

“Cool, and…where are you from, where do you live in London?”

And so on and so on. Sound familiar? If you’re a fresher, you’ll certainly have had this conversation about a million times this term! Meeting church family is great, but how do you move past introductions to natural friendships?

I passionately believe that we build the best friendships with brothers and sisters at The Globe Church when we serve alongside them. Some of my closest friends at Globe are people I’ve served with. I didn’t really know Sarah Taylor-Wilmshurst until we headed up Globe Extra together – now we’re great friends!

1 Peter 4:10 says, “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” Therefore, I’d LOVE to take this time to encourage students and newcomers to get stuck into serving at church as soon as possible. Below I’ve outlined some of the main ways you can get involved in the family life of the church. If you’re interested in joining or finding out more, please email and they’ll put you in touch with the team leader.

Our church is a family, so we deeply value eating together. Our Catering Team, led by Linda Allcock, makes that happen safely, simply and sustainably. In pre-Covid times, we used to eat together before Focus midweek and after church on Sunday so lots of opportunities to cook if you join this team!

You might have noticed the friendly team in the orange jackets on the doors. These guys are part of the Welcome Team, led by Cherith Brown (one of our students!). They help us know where to be and what to do each Sunday (extra important during Covid, with the rules changing so often.)

Perhaps you’ve noticed more rough sleepers in 2020? It certainly has been a tough year for many. The Webber Street Homeless Outreach Team, led by Sarah Taylor-Wilmshurst, Dani Watson and Jana Berker, partner with London City Mission to provide practical care and friendship for the homeless community. This is usually through a monthly meal and bible talk.

As dependant children we need to be bring our hopes and plans to our Father God in prayer. The Prayer Team, led by Anaïs Philippe, lead and encourage us to make prayer the bedrock of all we do. They organise Globe Central, week of prayer and our regular church prayer life.

Other teams at Globe include the World Mission team, Creative Team, Finance Team, Technical Team, Music Team, Evangelism Team and Minis Team (to name just a few!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about how to serve at Globe!

Globe love, Sarah Khan.