A Better Hero in One21

A Better Hero in One21

Using One21 to open the bible with your friends who don't know Jesus…

One of the core values for The Globe Church is that we want to be a discipling church. A great way to practically do this is to meetup regularly with someone in church and open the Bible with them.

But as easy as that is for me to write, actually making that happen can be hard. That's why we built One21.

With One21 you take one of the twenty one meals you have each week, invite someone to share the time with you over a meal together. Then, dig deeper together into applying the passage of the Bible that you heard together on Sunday into your own lives.

As I've spoken with several people in church, there are a few reasons why One21 has been working well…

  • Existing relationships - You're building on top of existing friendships and you're deepening them at the same time as you talk and pray together.
  • Zero preparation - You've both heard the sermon on Sunday, the conversations starters are in One21, so you're already prepared.
  • Always with you - One21 is on your phone, so you don't need to carry around any additional material with you.

We want to be a discipling church, and we also want to be a missional church - we want to live to make Christ known here on the Southbank, in London, the UK and the world.

It's been really encouraging to see so many people come along to the Christianity Explored course on Wednesday. But what happens when your friend, your neighbour, your colleague asks you a question about Jesus and there isn't an event like that to bring them to?

The best way to introduce someone to Jesus is to open up a gospel and show them Jesus in Bible… but as with doing a one-to-one that's easy to say, but harder to apply and make happen.

Dundonald, a church that we partner with in London, has been exploring this question too. They've written and given each of their church members this little booklet called 'A Better Hero'. The idea- to be a simple as possible to introduce Jesus, through Mark's gospel.

A Better Hero - Tom Heasman / Dundonald Church
A Better Hero - Tom Heasman / Dundonald Church
  • Like in a One21 guide there are just three short questions in each section
  • Like in a One21 guide they are conversation starters - they don't have all the answers, instead they are a launchpad for a simple straightforward conversations about Jesus. They get the conversation happening.
  • Like in a One21 guide they don't require any preparation - you just open it up, read a section from Mark's gospel and have a conversation. That conversation may be five minutes or it may last an hour.

We want to give this resource to you. But rather than giving you another thing to carry around, we want to put it into something you already have. If you open up One21 now, below the one21 guide from last Sunday's sermon there is The Better Hero guide.

Tap into it and you've got four different conversations. One that talks about who Jesus is, one that talks about why we need Jesus, a third that is all about why Jesus came, and finally what it means to follow Jesus.

If you've had a One21 conversation before with someone in church, it's exactly the same; You read a chunk of Mark together, look at the questions, and begin to have a conversation about things that matter.

Have a flick through A Better Hero now, pray about who you might have a meal with this week, then ask them if they would read a bit of Mark's gospel with you.