Vicki Tinker

I’ve lived in Central London since 2016 although I grew up in Suffolk and became a Christian around the age of 15, having been invited to the youth group at my local Church of England church. I had spent 2 years watching the youth leaders wondering what was so different about them compared to the other adults I knew. Eventually, God opened my eyes to the fact it was that they were Christians, people who were saved and changed by Jesus, and that I also needed the salvation they had been teaching us about all that time. It was a shock, but a delight to realise that what I had been learning from the Bible was true, that Jesus really did die on the cross and rise again so I could be forgiven and live as a child of His.

I am also a wife to Phil, a mum to two children and love to serve the Globe Church by helping with some admin and meeting up with ladies at church to try to keep us focused on Jesus in our varied lives.