Hannah Conner

Growing up in the “Bible Belt” I found it completely normal to be surrounded by churches, crosses on the side of the road, and a choir of comments like, “Bless your heart". Many friends assumed they were Christians simply on the basis that their grandfather was a preacher or because they went to church on Sunday. Thankfully, my church made sure I understood that becoming a Christian has nothing to do with your background and everything to do with choosing Jesus personally and allowing Him to shape you and your future. He’s done a miracle in transforming my life!

I’m originally from the state of Kentucky where I attended the University of Kentucky, which we ironically refer to as “UK”. After graduating I served alongside local churches in Lisbon, Portugal before getting married to my husband and moving to London. It has been a joy to continue my faith journey at Globe by growing deeper in knowledge and truth of Jesus. I look forward to continuing to serve The Globe Church members as we strive to proclaim the name of Jesus in London.