Anaïs Philippe

To grow up in a Christian family means hearing about Jesus on a regular basis. When I was around seven or eight years old I asked Jesus to come and live in my heart, I can't say that I completely understood what that really meant at the time, but since that day I have not ceased to see God’s faithfulness in every aspect of my life.

My family came from Belgium, but I was born and raised near Barcelona, Spain. The result is that I’ve always enjoyed multicultural environments. After graduating from Psychology in the University of Barcelona I came to London for my Masters and loved the city, not only because of its cosmopolitan nature but also because I grew a lot in my faith while being part of The Globe Church.

This year I am working with Globe as a Ministry Trainee, exploring what full-time ministry looks like, and is a great opportunity for me to bring together what I most love about my faith in Christ and my studies in psychology: the gospel and caring for people.