Adriana Kerkstra

Growing up in a Christian family, I was familiar with the stories and teachings of the Bible. In high school, I slowly started moving beyond my inherited cultural Christianity to a more personal faith. The process was accelerated when I went to a Christian conference where I saw kids my age not just placidly believing what their parents believed, but actually on fire for Jesus. It made me realise this faith-thing may be much more important and potentially joyful than I’d thought. I started looking much more seriously into Christianity, trying to determine if Jesus was really on earth, if God really existed and if the story of the Bible made sense. The pieces slowly started falling into place and in 2015, the summer before I went to university, I accepted Jesus as my Saviour. Ever since, I’ve been growing in my knowledge of and especially in my relationship with him.

I was born in the Netherlands, and after completing my undergraduate degree there I moved to London for my postgraduate degree in September 2018. I joined The Globe Church and being part of this church family has been such a joy and helped me grow in so many ways. Having graduated, I’m now ministry trainee at Globe. I get to spend all my time exploring ministry, digging deep into the Word, learning from the people around me and serving my Servant King in many different ways.